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Thread: Indestructible CD's (NOT)

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    Indestructible CD's (NOT)

    From the 'Whats new at ZIFF DAVIS' E Letter

    CDs and DVDs Deteriorate After All

    And I used to think my CDs and DVDs would out-last me. Apparently that's not true. It seems that these wonder discs actually deteriorate pretty quickly. It seems now that these optical discs just aren't as permanent as we thought. If you rely on CDs and DVDs, better read our report--and think about making backups of your backups.

    This is a bit of a bummer for those of us, who were sold on the idea of 'indestructible' media.
    Me, I've put almost all my record collection to CD, thinking that the vinyl, was at last, safe.

    The article is here :-,1759,1585525,00.asp

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    Yea I think 70 years is about the period that CD manufacturers guarentee there disks for..

    oh well ill probably have scratched it to death by then anyway!


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    There was some things said about labelling them too recently.... The stuff in the 'glue" that sticks the labels to the CD increases the rate of degradation. As long as they still last 7+ years it shouldn't be an issue.....
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    Hi Foxy,

    "Good" stuff should last 50 years...........but yes, the stuff does deteriorate, and more rapidly than you think............even less justification for the prices that recording companies think they can charge?

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    What is the real worry, in a few years they will find something to replace them anyway. Gotta keep upgrading technology. Plus it keeps us spending our hard earned money.
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    Never thought they were indestructible. If you take care of them, they should last a long time. Don't leave them in your vehicle, and the guy said his cabin had major swings in temperature. It does tick me off about some of the dvd cases, when you push on the button holding the dvd, it will not release.
    dopeydadwarf has it correct though, just wait and something new will come out.

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    I used to trade burned cds through the mail about 3 years ago... All of them have poor listening quality now.


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    Actually I've noticed that quite a while ago. I have some CD's I've burned about 5 years ago which are not read anymore. And this friend of mine has even an original Michael Jackson CD (which cost him aprox 50 bucks) that got fungi all over in less than 5 years. So, even if you take very good care of your CD's they can still get deteriorated in a short space of time anyway.

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    Well if you have fungi on it, that is an all together different problem. I know that not all cds are made the same and some will not last as long as others. Its just a crap shoot on what you get.

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    I remember the tomorrows world where they introduced CDR.

    It explained that you could spread jam on them and run over them on your bike.

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