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Thread: dail up

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    dail up

    Do you need a firewall for dail up.And if so which one.I has cable i use a router for.But now i got dail up with netzero.

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    On a dialup you are not as suseptible to attack as you are on broadband, so i would say that a good AV ap is more important. However you cant have enough protection these day's. There are various firewalls you can go for If you want to pay for one i have found Norton Personal Firewall to be ok.

    There are some usefull freeware firewalls. Zone Allarm for one.

    Here is a link to a site that has a good listing of software, take a look.

    Don't forget some anti spyware and trojan tools also.
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    I has ad-aware pro,And also has avg pro.

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    I prefer Sygate myself.

    These days with virii such as Sasser, which randomize ips mean you could get hit just as easily as broadband connections, so more security is always better. I run a combination of a router, sygate firewall, and AVG antivirus. As well as running Ad aware, Spybot S & D , and reg protect. A good combination should keep you fairly safe!

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    However you cant have enough protection these day's
    I couldn't agree more. My office computer uses dial-up, and I just happen to have Sygate installed on it. Even for the short time I was on, it detected half a dozen port scans. Further research indicated that it was Sasser snooping around. Since I don't always keep that box updated (takes forever on a dialup), I can only conclude it saved me a bit of agony.

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    The main difference in security between dial-up and broadband is simply likelihood. With dial-up, you're only online long enough to do whatever you're doing, whereas most people with broadband are online 24/7. The only real difference is the window of opportunity is smaller with dial-up consequently, which doesn't mean much. So, you shouldn't treat dial-up as being a safer means of connection.

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    I would like to report just what happened to me a while ago when I caught that Sasser virus. I have a dial up connection and never before had thought of using a firewall and I only updated my box once in a while (not to say rarely) thus I ended up catching Sasser and I took me a formated HD to get rid of it.

    So my suggestion is: ALWAYS USE FIREWALLS. Even if you use a router. After I installed Zone Alarm I saw how many time that same virus tried to get into my box again and again. Not only Sasser but another one I found out was in a friend's box. She wasn't aware of its existence and I had the oportunity to tell her she was infected with some kind of virus because i kept getting connection attempts on all my ports coming for her IP.

    As for which software you should use, I'd recommend Zone Alarm very much together with AVG ou any other AV program and a combination of Ad-Aware, SpyBot and Spyware Blaster. This should keep you pretty damn safe! (I've heard from someone here in AntiOnline that Spy Sweeper is actually better than all of them, but I had no oportunities to test it... if anyone cares to do it and share the information, I'd be glad).

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    Is the xp firewall any good.I have sp1a

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    You'll hear folks debate about the ineffectiveness of XP's built in firewall. However I'm in tune to believe that its better than nothing. It all depends on how anal you are in setting it up. Ideally a firewall from the getgo has nothing opened, and you have to open up items as you require them (e.g. web, email, ftp, etc.) I'm not necessarily sure that its the case with XP firewall. You can configure some connection rules with XP that make your computer very secure, but I prefer the use of a software firewall, and patching out the ying yang!

    As a side note I'm trying to work on a tutorial of the basic function of a firewall. This seems to be a mythical subject for those newer to security. Hopefully I can have it done by tomorrow night. Cheers!

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