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Thread: Installing DSL modem

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    Installing DSL modem

    Now here is a problem that I am facing with the DSL modem, actyally I wanted to Install the DSL modem on Linux 9 and I am not, I think Linux is not identifying the device, as the lights do not get turned on. Only the powerlight is on as the modem is getting the pwer from the external source.
    The Make of the modem is D-Link.
    I wonder if anyone can help me with this.

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    hmmmm ... maybe this should be in the Hardware Forum, anyway a Mod can change that.

    Linux 9 ? .... not one I have heard of before but that shouldn't matter, your post does not give me enough information to really help but I will give it a go.

    Is the modem a USB or ethernet connection, D-Link make both I believe ? .. if USB have you got USB support going in your distro ? I have no knowledge of USB modems, so I cannot offer any advice here.

    If an ethernet connection - install pppoe and on the commandline type 'adsl-setup' - answer the questions and when done type 'adsl-start' ... hopefully your online.... unless its one of the router type ones where you use a web browser to set everything in the modem/router itself ... you do have the intruction manual I hope, if not the D-Link web site has data sheets / manuals to help.

    Like I said, not enough information to be much help.

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