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Thread: graphics in C

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    graphics in C

    Hi all,
    I remember when I used Turbo C under windows that there was a library called <graphics.h>. This thing let you invoke a simple graphics enviroment. Not GUI elements just simple ovals, rectangles, lines, etc. I found it extremely useful for plotting graphs like sines and other math stuff. Is there anything like this under gcc?? If yes, please show me how. It would be cool because currently I have a networks course and we need to gather stats from our protocol implementation and it would look great to graphically show our stats.

    thanks, peace,


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    I'd be really interested in hear the reply to this, I used grahics.h in the past but its not used widely with newer compilers like VC++ and bloodshed.

    I know grahics can be done with using inline ASM, and i have done this before, but grahics.h was a hell of a lot easier to use compared with ASM...

    anyway I look forward to hearing what others have to say


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    After some searching, I found this:
    Put it into your header/includes, and it should work. I read you need winbgim.cpp and winbgim.h. And use winbgim.h instead of graphics.h. I haven't used it myself, and got this info from here:

    I've read some stuff on setting up graphics modes in ASM... ugh! I don't even want to try that. Mode 13h sounded interesting, but I have OpenGL that can take care off all of that screen resolution changing/setting, plus I don't have to worry about messing anything up too badly.

    Have fun,


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