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Thread: internet explorer 6

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    internet explorer 6

    i always got

    this page provides potential unsafe information to an ActiveX control . your current sercurity settings prohibit running controls in this manner. as a result, this page may not display correctly..

    how to disable it?

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    you can lower your security settings from the Internet Options (click on Tools, and then hit the Security tab and lower it there).

    There's a good reason why its blocking some content. If you don't know what you're doing, I suggest you leave it alone.

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    not necessarily cybr1d. there have been some known issues with this since the release of ie6.

    providing a little more information would help samuel, like what operating system are you running, is your ie6 an upgrade or fresh install, does this error pop up with every page you try to open, are you opening a database, what settings are you activex set at currently, etc?

    i would first try installing service pack 1 for ie 6. there are also a few patches out for errors similair to this, but without more info, thats all i can tell you.

    also, make sure you are logging in with admin rights before you try to alter your active x security settings, otherwise the settings will not hold. i do NOT recommend dropping your settings below medium though.

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    i always recommend folks disable Activex, or at least what exiting bit of internet tripe are you missing out on? your no doubt missing some very important ads.
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    my ie6 is fresh install n it does not pop up everything.. only sumtimes but even if i refresh the same page.. it does not haf it.
    4 the download signed activex is prompt...
    the doeload of unsigned activex is disable.

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