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Thread: thorough newbie question

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    thorough newbie question

    Hello, I've a non-security related thorough newbie question...
    What do u mean by...
    Primary Slave,
    Secondary Slave,
    Primary Master,
    Secondary Master.

    I did searching on google, but didn't get any desirable result.
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    Those are IDE designations. The primary master would be the first drive on the first channel (ribbon). the primary slave would the second device on the first channel.

    The secondary master is the first device on the second channel and so on.

    It get's a little more involved than that, but I don't have time to go into everything. Checkout PC Hardware in a Nutshell, published by O'Reilly.
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    If you have seen a mother board there these three ports close by on is Primary Port , The other one Secondry Port and the third one is the floopy port.

    Now on Primary port Two devices(eg Hard Disk , CD-Rom ,Dvd Drive etc) can be attached through a single Data Bus / Ribbon .One as Primary Master and the other one as Primary slave. Same is for Secondry Port.

    Ok now any device can be made Master or slave by changing the pin arragement on the back of it (jumper Setting), Generally on Hard Disks and CD-rom's have a chart is given on them which shows how it can be made Master or Slave by altering the jumpers. Primary Master is Generally a HDD.

    --Good Luck--

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