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Thread: Norton Firewall 2003

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    Norton Firewall 2003

    I have Norton Firewall 2003 and Liked it. But it has recently been acting strange. When it try to run LiveUpdate it restarts the computer automatically. Does anyone know what could be doing this. I know that I can fix it but I would just like to know why its doing this.

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    When liveupdate completes it may have made changes to the windows registry. Its allways wise to restart even if norton or any program does it for you. That way they can take affect.
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    I have 2 PCs with NIS: one 98se and one XP. That behavior is often on pre XP O.S., but occur on XP too.
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    Well, I just reinstalled it and it quit doing that. But it was weird I looked at the log and when it showed live update some of the characters were jumbled. There were boxes in place of some of the characters. So I'm guessing something happened when I installed it.

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