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Thread: LIMO Service anyone???

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    LIMO Service anyone???

    Thought some of you may like too see a car I worked on for a friend of mine. I did the sounds system and helped get it ready for the 2003 autorama. Oh yea my civic is on the first page...

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    No specs or information on installation process?

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    Thanks man, it makes me feeel less of an idiot for putting the sub wuffer and amp in my car. Pure waist of money.

    But i still have a grin a mile wide on my face when i drive my kids to school. LOL
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    LOL (jinxy) yea its all in good fun!!!
    As for the specs its like this:
    Sony cd
    denon 6 1/4 (2 up front, 2in back)
    Orion xtr 500 rms watts (500 @4ohm mono @12volt)or (250X2@2ohm stereo @12volt)
    2- 10"audiobahn subs
    40 hours + (built seperate enclosure's for each side of trunk.)

    As for my civic
    Clarion pro cd
    61/2" OZ matrix components
    800 rms watts 4 channel on high's
    2000 rms mono on the subs (both amps by USAmps)
    15 Farad cap.(lots oh power)2000 joules
    2 - 12" OZ Matrix subs
    A million +hours, bleeding hands, And pissed off nieghboors!!!


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