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Thread: cpu hit the floor! help

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    Question cpu hit the floor! help

    Hi all, been awhile since I posted but anyways, I have a dell p4 that was dropped off a bed to the floor so the first thing I thought to think is take it apart to see if anythings loos but nothing seems to be, I have took out most parts looking for cracks and loose connections but can't find any. well the motherboard has a power light lighting up on it so I assume it's getting power, when you push the power button it highlights a yallow color, but it has an arrow that points to the power button thats not lighting up but I'm not sure if it's the power light or hd, my fan is not coming on and the screen says nothing? thanks for all the help

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    they usually give out beep codes if they arent working in certain areas, does it beep? if so what like?

    does the monitor light up? is there a power light on this? does the fuse work?

    is the harddisk working? put it in another computer and see....

    its just about being logical and testing...

    everything is pluged in?


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    Was the machine running, or just finished when this happened?

    There should be a fuse somewhere around the power button..............if this was hot, the shock could have blown it?

    I am afraid it sounds like a repair shop job to me, if it isn't a simple fuse.

    From what you describe it sounds as if it is going into some sort of standby mode, with the yellow light?

    Have you checked the battery connections?


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