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Thread: how do i associate Domain Name w/ an IP

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    how do i associate Domain Name w/ an IP

    I have some public IP's from my ISP on which I am alowed to run a web server on. Right now I am just playing around and trying different things. I have some names registered (,, etc...) So far I installed apache and got the web site running from the public IP. My question is; what exactly do I have to do to make my website reachable from instead of the IP ... how do I associate the two.

    Also, do I have to have a DNS server running on the server?

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    You need to register name servers, (DNS servers), with your domain name registrars. You have probably done that with them.... Now you need to tell them what IP address to point the request to, (the IP address of the server that holds the web site).
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    go to It will cost you 20$ a year to link your ip to a domain.
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    go to ands get yourself some nice free subdomains, or buy yourself a domain and let it be hosted by freedns. Its free and i've never seen more usercontrol elsewhere
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