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Thread: jenjen says "goodbye to AO"

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    jenjen says "goodbye to AO"

    Well folks.. this will be one of the last posts you'll see from jenjen here at AO. She had some fun here but this account will soon be banned/locked. (or maybe deleted ?)

    The story goes like this..


    This jenjen account was an account set up by a (male) senior member a long time ago for a girlfriend. That girlfriend long ago departed the scene. (after doing 14 posts) The (unnamed for now) senior member decided to do a little experiment like valhallen did once.. but this time pose as a female. The plan was to eventually have a "coming out" party and reveal myself and post my findings. I won't cover that aspect of the story (my findings) in this thread. I do want to mention a few things though.

    Along the way, I thought it would be fun to challenge a few folks here to try and discover who my other identity was. I did this from both accounts. I looked at it as a profiling adventure for the others and offered hints to those who wished to play along. I never abused the antipoint system by giving points from one account to another. I always asked these folks to NOT give me any points.. I really only wanted to earn points by the merits of my posts. I played everything "by the book" ..

    sometime ago (months <grin&gt , I challenged a moderator to find me.. the mod said.. "it'll be a piece of cake"

    well fast forward to today.. I recieved a pm.. from a mod to my senior account..

    the pm simply said .. "are you jenjen ?"

    of course, I never have lied here at AO and so the game was up.
    I was graciously given time by the admin and moderator staff to say this goodbye.. as double accounts can't really be tolerated.. I know what I did was wrong, but it was imo.. just some clean fun.. I really can't tell anyone what NOT to do but.. please, don't go off and repeat what I did.. and I ask forgiveness to those who may have been misled by my posing as a female.



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    It's all good, i liked u as jenjen, i sure like u as the senior too...whoever you are....and please dont ban it. im tired of clickng the "This member was banned and there posts have been hidden......" posts, its get annoying, change the password, make it a guest...lock it, but plz dont ban it....

    btw: PM me who u r, im curious, i won't tell anybody....

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    bye bye jenjen :-(

    TheSpecialist didnt you promise to cut out the trash mouth (fingers)?
    Bukhari:V3B48N826 “The Prophet said, ‘Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.’”

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    Trash mouth?

    Wait wait.... sorry forgive me im a sinner I have returned as a real Pope on dope. With my new and out of the blue saint-hood I shall give back to the community what you have just given to me.

    |The|Specialist repents and then sends a middle finger back _,|,,


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    It's the Internet. Who gives a ****.

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    something like that

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    I seen a cat that was run over by a truck that looked like that.

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    Bye jenjen, cheers ...
    Come and check out our wargame-site @
    We chat @ #lobby

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    I guess that we shall just have to keep an eye on the Recently Banned list then..
    That's pretty much the only way we are going to find out who this is i guess..

    But other then that, i'd say that after reading this there was really know harm done.

    I hope that who ever you are can keep at least one account and continue to being a member here.


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    Yes he can, he's coool. He won't be banned anytime soon. Right S"B"G....

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