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Thread: HAHAHA! Take that RedHat! / SuSE 9.1

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    HAHAHA! Take that RedHat! / SuSE 9.1

    Another group sees the light, and finds out that people wearing a Red Hat rarely can compete with the RedHat eating Geeko Lizard

    Hmmm, still nothing on SuSE corporate customers switching to Gentoo, so I think it was just a small outbreak here on AO, thank God.

    The Lizard King

    SuSE 9.1 is also out, and now that I'm broke from buying things on Mother's day, I'll hopefully have it soon. I work 3 days this week, and after I pay a few bills I should have enough for it.

    When I do get SuSE Linux 9.1 I will a review of it for AO as soon as I use it a bit.

    I think what I will do, is buy it when I can, then install it, read the manuals, and write a first impression review, and then use it for a few weeks, and give a better review. I'll try and post them at the same time so that I can put it in one thread, and give readers a good all around review.

    I'm looking over SuSE 9.1 features and so on right now, and it seems that some things have changed a bit.

    The personal edition now comes with a Live CD, which seems sort of neat.

    And from what I'm reading, they are including the free version of Star Office 7 along with OpenOffice.Org.

    Kernel 2.6 comes too, so hopefully this will spank Mandrake's punk ass and the "Mandrake 10" crap.

    Another thing, the new KDE 3.2 is included, so it will be nice to try it out.

    Also, if you have a 64 bit processor, a fully ported 64-bit version is available for the new AMD64® and the new Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology, AND, both versions come in one box.

    Apart from the well-known MS Office-compatible office suite
    OpenOffice.Org (free version of SUN StarOffice 7) SUSE LINUX
    Professional 9.1 delivers applications for the Internet, home networks,
    graphics and multimedia, a new personal information manager and the
    latest versions of programming tools and development environments for
    technicians and developers. For the first time, the box contains a
    database application with graphical menus.
    Sounds good to me.

    KERNEL 2.6:

    State-of-the-art operating system technology - provides improved
    performance, scalability, and memory management for many processes.
    Burning of CDs and DVDs and reading of audio CDs is greatly
    accelerated by new DMA modes for these tasks. Manual mounting is no
    longer necessary, as this is done automatically by submount.

    KDE 3.2:

    The new, greatly improved version of the popular graphical desktop
    environment KDE. The system starts up even faster than previously,
    automatically plays inserted media (CD, DVD), and boasts many new
    features and applications:

    Kontact - New personal information manager for KDE, similar to
    MS Outlook. Integrates mail, organizer, address book, and note
    pad. The e-mail program KMail is able to import mail folders from
    Outlook Express on the Windows partition. Moreover, the
    address book is capable of importing address books from MS
    Juk - New KDE music manager for the quick and smart
    management of extensive music archives.
    KWallet - "Password safe" - used by many applications - securely
    manages your various passwords.
    Kopete - Version 0.8 of the instant messenger, "understands"
    MSN, AIM, ICQ, IRC, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber. Communicate
    with all your "old" acquaintances from the respective services
    with Kopete.
    KDevelop - Version 3.0 of the well-known development
    environment. With support for more than 15 programming
    languages, customizable layout, freely selectable editor
    component and separate class overview for C++, automatic code
    completion, syntax check during the input, and integrated
    Umbrello - UML modeler, tool for drawing diagrams for
    object-oriented software development. Import of C++, export to
    various languages.
    Konqueror - New version of the KDE file manager and web
    browser. Enables import of Internet Explorer bookmarks,
    convenient browsing through image directories, network folders,
    and network services, ripping audio CDs, and viewing the content
    of digital cameras.
    Quanta Plus - The HTML editor now features a wysiwyg editor
    Spellchecker - Now available for e-mail (in KMail) and web forms
    (in Konqueror).
    Universal Sidebar - Navigation sidebar for the hierarchical display
    of folder structures. Can now be displayed on the desktop without
    the Konqueror file manager.
    GNOME 2.4:

    New version of the alternative desktop environment GNOME
    with improved usability and new accessibility options for
    handicapped users, such as a screen reader with voice output or
    braille display output.

    SAMBA 3:

    Optimum setup of heterogeneous home networks with Linux and
    Windows hosts. Enables the integration of Linux hosts in
    Windows domains and the connection to an active directory and
    single sign-on. Deleted client files can now be cached on the
    server side. The implementation of trust settings is possible.
    Hardware testing and consolidation is much easier due to the
    possibility of configuring virtual Samba servers.

    YaST 2:

    The help function of YaST has been improved and the usability of
    many individual modules has been revised. A new module for
    ACPI enables the graphical configuration of individual ACPI
    power management settings.

    New Software/Additional Software:

    Rekall - Graphical database application, comparable to
    MS Access.
    Textmaker and Planmaker - Free versions of the Word and
    Excel-compatible text processing and spreadsheet
    applications from Softmaker, exclusively in SUSE LINUX
    Sounds good

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    I first thought you were about to talk sh!t3 about Suse in this thread. You can get an upgrade from 9 to 9.1 right? I have not had much time lately to play around with my SUSE box. I guess that will have to change tonight!
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    My lappy is getting SuSE 9.1 tomorrow.

    I'm hoping the ACPI support will be there. Damn Phoenix BIOS.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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