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Thread: mozilla Firefox browser and hotmail

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    mozilla Firefox browser and hotmail

    hi all
    am using mozilla firefox 0.8
    OS winxp pro

    well ...
    i cant check my e-hotmail box.from the browser.and i got this alert
    loginnet.passport.comcould not be found.Pleas check the name and try again.
    also the same happen hen i try msn msngr ,i acnt go to my inbox.

    and yes, ia can check it from IE.

    any advice.


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    try just to connect to
    Come and check out our wargame-site @
    We chat @ #lobby

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    .: Shrekkie :.

    that what i did .but when i enter the email and the password i got that alert message.

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    Try cleaning up your cache and everything else. I use Mozilla v1.6 (which is supposedly somewhat similar to Firefox) with WinXP Pro and I've never had any problems using hotmail (either from or from MSN Messenger).

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    hi andersonvom
    I try all that i stil i cant check it and get that alert .


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    coolcamel, firefox and msn have some issues.....especially with the the hotmail portion.
    I can't use firefox to get into hotmail either, but I have no problem getting to it through msn messenger (which brings up IE6)
    Excite is anouther one that I have problems getting to, but that is because excite wants to place cookies which I have locked both firefox and IE6. So, I just don't use excite anymore.
    I can use firefox to go into msn groups, but if I wish to post multiple pichures, or use msn advanced posting features, then I have to use a msn browser.
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    I use Firefox but never have these problems. What level is your cookie blocking at?

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    hi all

    hi moxnix

    It happen with yahoo.i got the same alert.
    hi AngelicKnight

    Enable cokies>but ask before accepting.

    thnx ppl.

    am still wating 4 any soulution and am not going back to IE.

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    I use FireFox 0.8, and just now checked a hotmail account (through with no problems. I also check my Yahoo! mail daily, with no probs. You said you got an alert message - what's the alert? My cookies are enabled, but for the current session only... and I allow 50000kb for the cache. Try these settings, and let us know...
    <edit>Sorry - just caught the error message in your first post... By the way, I have the saved form information and saved passwords options turned off... </edit>

    Hope that helps...
    Wiski C.
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    Are you allowing Hotmail's various cookies then? If you block any of those, you won't gain access to your account.

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