I got this in an email earlier, i found 'em to be amusing so i thought that i'd share with everyone.

Attack dogs are on the loose. They are very easy to spot and typically use one or more of the following strategies:

Attack dogs hide behind their anonymous IDs and fake email addresses. They are trained by their masters to attack people, not issues.

Attack dogs won't discuss issues.

Attack dogs claim there are no issues.

Attack dogs claim the only issues are those who would dare advocate change.

Attack dogs claim there are some issues, but the incumbents are doing the best they can.

Attack dogs are trained to deflect real issues with off-topic, rude and foul language.

Attack dogs won't sit down to discuss issues. They are afraid to meet face to face with those they attack.

Attack dogs have multiple anonymous IDs so they can appear to agree with themselves. When one ID is exposed for inconsistencies, they move on to their next anonymous ID.

Attack dogs can't back up any of their claims because they have to stay anonymous. They are not serious enough to stand behind their real name.

Attack dogs go silent when confronted with facts and truth.

Attack dogs boast about knowing candidates and their views, but really don't. They have no accountability or credibility.

Attack dogs are the first to claim freedom of expression, but also the first to deny that same freedom to others.

There are many more attack dog strategies, but let's have fun with these for now