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Thread: Terminal Server Issue (W2k)

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    Terminal Server Issue (W2k)

    Windows 2000 Advanced Server

    Ok, I've got a tricky one for you guys. Is anyone familiar with how terminal servers work? I have two running here where I work. The CEO is currently in the Virgin Islands with his brand new hp 1150 printer. The terminal servers are set up with the appropriate drivers, so they should automatically detect and print to his printer. However, this of course isn't the case, he hits print and nothing happens, and the printer isn't listed in the printers folder.

    Any ideas?

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    Did you read this doc?

    Win2k TS redirecting stunk big time.

    Win2k3 is a bit better.

    If you have read the outline and still have problems, please post back.

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    So I hear, but it's not exactly all too easy to run out and replace with 2003, though it would be nice.

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    I answer the same question here ( )
    Quick Hint... Install the hp LaserJet 1150 and hp Business Deskjet 2200 driver locally using a fake LPT1 port. This should copy the driver file on your c:\Winnt\inf folder. Delete the fake printer after. The driver file should stilll be in c:\Winnt\inf folder and then time you'll login with user with local printer, it should work find.
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