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Thread: Nero burn prob

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    Nero burn prob

    Hey ya.. I have xp sp1 on a 1800mz amd with 512 sdram, 30gig hdrive. I have had nero installed in the past and as far as I know it properly removed. The problem I am having is that when I try to install a newer version a window opens stating that it has found a older vers. and must remove it. When I click next to remove it it stops and says that it was interrupted then just says click finish, never installing the new version. So I tryed to install the old version same thing? I have tried removing every single file that I could find in the registry to no avail.

    Any help would greatly appreciated?? Thanks

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    Three thoughts,

    1. Is there any sign of the application in your program manager, like can you delete it manually, if so, try that but in SAFE MODE.

    2. Are there any services or proggies that are running when you boot up that relate to Nero? you would ned to kill them first if the update is to work.........but the update proggy really should do that?

    3. Try getting a registry cleaner, that should find any orphans you might have missed.

    Let us know how you get on

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    maybe it's related to your other problem.. ?

    when searching through the registry, I think you'll have to search on other common terms and values used by nero.. you must of missed something as nihil said.. however, I don't trust registry cleaners that much..

    If you have another box to install nero on.. I would grab an app lile ashampoo or any other one that records all entries that get put into the registry.. then use them as tips for finding out all the spots that nero sticks it's stuff into..

    but really maybe you should fix your other problem first.. it very well could be malware causing problems with this install.

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    This has been informative I didnt know that there where programs that recorded entrys sweet. and becuase seemed like I tryd over and over to manually remove and got know where. HUGE THANKS GUYS...This will help major

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    just few tings to try :
    did you remove previous Nero from control panel>add/remove programs? or it came with uninstaler?
    try to chech in control panel if anything there and if you can remove from there.
    do you have Norton antivirus because when you delete files they put them in special protective folder which is still there and maybe cosing windows to tell you there is an old version?
    just double check

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