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Thread: windows xp wierdness!!

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    windows xp wierdness!!

    I have this happen to me twice, don't know if it is a virus or just my unleetness but, I turned on my box today running xp sp1 and when I tried to access my C:drive it opens windows file search. So know to check files or access them I have to right click on the drive and goto explore. Anybody had this problem?

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    I'll vote unleetness

    hehe.. just kidding.. could be a bunch of things I suppose.. I smell a hijackthis log coming. do the usual, av/trojan scan.. adaware/spybot.. then run hijackthis.. if it's not malware I don't really know what else it could be.. something's buggered up in a registry entry.

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    yea really wierd. Plus just so you know this is a different box then the one with the nero prob!
    I have hijackthis I'll take another look at the entrys it finds and adaware other then that im out of options. At least im not crazy, I think..

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