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Thread: Divine Revelations?

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    Divine Revelations?

    OK folks, last one.........honest

    Well that's topped up my contributions to tech humour anyway

    Have a good week

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    Ha ha. Good one.

    Longhorn is quite a big project but I'm happy they're working on it and that they eventually don't release it full of bugs like what happened with Windows 95.

    It's just that the longhorn system minimum specifications estimated by Microsoft are sick. Check out this:,00.asp

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    Those specs are..

    those specs are huge.

    I mean is this going to come out in 2008 or is it only going to be for people who can afford 4000$ for their pc. Yust so it can run longhorn.,
    Since the beginning of time, Man has searched for the answers to the big questions: \'How did we get here?\' \'Is there life after death?\' \'Are we alone?\' But today, in this very theatre, you will be asked to answer the biggest question of them all...WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA?

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    By then the parts can't be to expensive. I would kill to have a computer that fast. Just to have that much processing power turns me on.

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    Anyhow i found this joke to be amusing yet witty

    Thanks nihil..


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