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    Copyright does not exist

    Hello folks. Just wanted to give you all a tip on a free book availible for download. It's called copyright does not exist (originally: copyright finns inte). Itäs been around for a while in swedish and has later been translated to english. It's mainly about the history of hacking/cracking and is supposed to be good (haven't had the time to read it yet myself). Apperently it's used in quite a few educations here in Sweden, not sure if this is true for other countries though.

    Cheers, Alka
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    i'll give it a try when i've got the time, thanks for sharing

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    Thanks, man! I only read a few chapters (particularly enjoyed chapters 5-8), but this definitely is a nice book!

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    looks interesting...thnx

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    Dang, dude's a newbie and he already has two green boxes! Most impressive.

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    Originally posted here by AngelicKnight
    Dang, dude's a newbie and he already has two green boxes! Most impressive.
    I'm not sure that it's as impressive as it is demonstrative of the need to update the AntiPoints System.

    As for the book, thanks for posting it. I think I might print it out and take a look. Anything that has a chapter called "Rave, Techno, and Acid" followed shortly by a chapter called "Artificial Intelligence" is probably worth a good laugh while in the throne room.

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    If you want a real demonstration go look at 3rr0rs boxes but he deserved them (nice tutorials)

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    I realy want to tell JP.

    Take a look up your own arse whilst you are sat on the thone
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    Originally posted here by JP
    I'm not sure that it's as impressive as it is demonstrative of the need to update the AntiPoints System.
    Please do so as some members feel a need to give green out to the most idiotic posts that only a moron like me could possably have to offer. Meanwhile if and when I may actually have anything informative and worth saying it is just the average crap that ends up here and is ignored. If you have a plan that would make my whole re-joining as a newbie thing all the more fun I for one would like to hear about it or see something done about this mess.

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    From the book:

    Computer instructors frequently do not understand hackers. They think that if the hackers have to mess around with the computers all the time, why can't they do something useful and authorized, such as figuring out a repayment plan, or writing a summary of African history, or something along those lines? The predominant attitude seems to be that the students should only use the machines, not explore them, and definitely not hack them. The machine should only be a tool, and the user should preferably know as little as possible about the processes that take place behind the screen. The hacker is the one who, in spite of these authoritarian attitudes, actually wants to know.
    Hackers don't want to do "useful" things. They want to do fun things, like exploring the computer's operating system, installing their own programs, and trying out different technological features. This is what makes it fun to use a computer. I have tried to mention this to several computer instructors of my acquaintance, but alas, mostly with no results. I personally believe that this kind of exploration is beneficial, and wouldn't for the life of me want to prohibit students from engaging in it. It is the foundation for the enthusiasm that makes some people think that "computers are so much fun". If a student, after all, manages to screw up the computer, I consider it my responsibility as a teacher to restore the machine to full functionality again. If I can't do this, I'm incompetent. If I don't have time to do this, the school is short-staffed. I have never had any significant problems with my own students; in fact, I have invariably had positive experiences with them. The fact is that I encourage my students to explore the operating system even if it is not the subject matter of the course. If the computers I'm responsible for are infected by viruses or crash, then it is my problem rather than the students'.
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