I've got a security-compromising situation to throw at you guys.

We use FileMaker Pro 6.0 for just about everything done on our LAN, including internal office e-mail. FM was configured by our company's president, who doubled as the IT guy until I was finally brought on board.

However, I've discovered what I think is a significant security risk. At times, fairly often actually, FM will quote the wrong email during a reply. For instance, I replied to an email sent to me from an employee, but instead of quoting the message I was replying to, it instead quoted an email I had received from the CEO! As you can imagine, that could potentially open up a Pandora's Box of info sec nightmares. So evidently, there's a glitch of some sort in how it's configured, I presume.

I presented this to managment, and unfortunately, they don't agree it's of any concern. *sigh* So, for now it looks like I'm on my own with this.

Any suggestions on where I could start looking or what to start doing to find out what's causing this quoting-of-the-wrong-emails problem?