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Thread: Wireless router problems

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    Wireless router problems

    I was just wondering what kind of things could be interfering with my wireless signal to cause the strength to read at low or very low when the router is only 50 feet(max) away. We have an infrared heated sauna, but thats about the only thing I could think of that would cause the wireless network to have such a weak signal at only 50 feet away!

    I know this is a security site, but you guys are the best experts out there for networking and such, and that is why I have come to this site for a possible answer!

    I'm currently using linksys wireless g with speedbooster technology.

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    same thing was happening with me

    do you see two small computers at the bottom (in your task bar)

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    Hey Ziploc

    Do you have a notebook or a Desktop? Did you try it t set it up somewhere else away from the infaered sauna? When yes how good was you signal then?

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    What's the physical layout of your network on-site? Fifty feet can be a looong ways if there's nothing but doors and walls between a wireless router of that type and your client node.

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    You have to also consider the angle of the walls in between. If your signal is passing thru wall at a angle the wall will appear much thicker to the signal. The best way of course is to be passing the signal directly ( at a perpindicular <---sorry about the spelling] angle).

    Edit-- Here is an easy solution to boost the signal between your devices. Note-you can build this for under $5.00
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    11mBit ?


    I've read in some documentation provided with such routers that using mixed mode ( like 11MBit and 22Mbit on a 54Mbit network) can "sometimes" cause problems like slow and weak links

    Do you use mixed mode?

    Try a firmware update maybe it's the software from your device causing the problem.

    Hope it helps.
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    Thanks for all your replies thus far! I have taken into consideration most of your suggestions and I will move the router away from the infrared sauna as well. Thanks again fellas/(and gals)?

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