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Thread: automatic update problem

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    Unhappy automatic update problem

    Hi,I have emachine 1500w win xp home computer, the automatic update doesn't work its on (automatic download and install the updates at 3:00pm)and there is an update at the Microsoft website I can find it by manual the windows update yesterday realized new windows update but its not downloading automatically.

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    Try getting the newest Automatic update client, perhaps yours is busted.
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    If that still doesn't work Microsoft was offering free update cds. I think they still are if you look around on their site.

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    A couple of other thoughts...........

    1. Is your system clock working?

    2. Get the Belarc Advisor, run it and check your MS update history down the bottom left of the report. I have come across updates that have failed for some reason. They seem to be available, but won't actually work until you uninstall the failed version.


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