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Thread: Network gap analysis

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    Question Network gap analysis

    In implementing a new network, would you see a gap analysis (between the existing security policies and procedures and the new network design) as a valuable exercise? If you think it's a good thing to do, for what reasons?

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    Yes, I would think it's a good thing to do. A GAP-analisys is not too hard to do and you wouldn't have to spend too much time doing it. It gives you a rough estimation on how well implemented the current policy is and what parts might need attention. This is also an excellent way of getting funds for security work since you can clearly show the boss what the current gaps are and which ones needs to be filled. Ofcourse it's always a question of showing the boss how you can save money by doing this.

    And I would also recomend revising the old policy to see if it need's improvement.

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