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    I have a trojan.exe trojan inside my computer as notified by norton AV. I want to clean it. But I donno where its located n how can I do that. More over ...recently when I open yahoo mail web page its giving some false user IDs account. Whats this. Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Is that what Norton called it ? trojan.exe ? did it say what the filename was ? or was that the filename too ?

    AV's aren't always that good in cleaning up trojans.. grab a trojan scanner/cleaner from here.

    I run these mostly


    Swat It


    The Cleaner

    I did try aČ .. it's free (as well as swatit).. but it's probably not as thorough.

    turn off system restore (if you don't mind losing your restore points).. and run your av and trojan scans in safe mode.

    edit : oh.. about your yahoo webmail.. that is most likely to do with cookies.. is this computer, a shared computer ?

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    I would get the Cleaner by Moosoft. They have a 30 day trial version also that works great.
    The Cleaner

    Edit>SDG beat me to it, and his advice is more comprehensive.
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    Is this the one you have?

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