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Thread: Speaking of Presidents...

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    I'd like to see how you can say my view point is skewed. It is true I probably have a less biased view point than you.
    As for my reasons Clinton done more for the international opinion of the united States than any of the more recent presidents. Wheather it was just good PR people or not he gave the impression of knowing what was going on in the world. As for a couple of examples that are worth something for non Americains.
    Why is bosnia bad international politics? For me that is one of the better things the US army has done in a long time.
    The middle east came the closest it ever had to a peace settlement between Isreal and the palastine. It got so quiet that the UN was able to pull out the peace keeping force that was policing the lebenon border. I remember that well as it was Irish troops that were holding thoses positions for the passed 20 - 30 years.
    He put his weight behind a serious peace process in Northern Ireland which is still holding and moving forward even if it has slowed a bit in recent times.
    anyway thats my point of view skewed or not.
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    Clinton was a decent president. I rank him 3rd in my life time. Sure he pissed me off all the time with his BS that distracted more important things, but he wasn't bad. I credit him for many things and discredit him for other foreign actions. And absolutely loath him for critisizing crap he could of fixed. It's like the sys admin that leaves a company then bitches about how bad the network is and how insecure he left things. of course I am not going into detail since it's been beat to death here in Cosmos. The friggin problem is, people can't see past their noses and get over their bias of either party and get all bent out of shape about every little morsel they can bite off someone. Or anything that is fed to their mind the someone looks like it supports their view. Alot of people hate Bush Sr. because he started the first gulf war. Nothing else matters to them not even circumstance.

    Can I hijack this thread now? I have been around a while and in my opinion based on issues and speeches, the democratic party has the WORST candidate I have ever seen. And don't even start a reply if you haven't looked at his web site, listened to his speeches and asked some serious questions about what his policy will be. Or just ignore me since this is about presidential short comings. Oh and Muracu, I know you are running from your own point of view and historical lifetime, ever heard of Gerald Ford? Pobably not he's one of "those" presidents lost in history.
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    Murachu, I misspoke slightly there. You are right about Bosnia being a good International Political stage. Seeing as how we still have troops in Bosnia and both sides are still at each other's throughts, all be it with nowhere near the ferocity of previous hostilities, and the UN is still there trying to figure out how to handle the issues; Bosnia is much closer to a "vietnam" scenario in my book, than the current Iraq war. This is because there is no direction or clear course of action in Bosnia.

    As far as the Isreal & Palestine ordeal. In my opinion there are only three reasons that fighting declines where terrorism is concerned.

    1. Are tired of fighting and actually want to see peace for their children's sake. (Ireland of Present)
    2. Need time to re-group and re-arm.
    3. Dead as a doorknobs.

    Road - I've seen the website and well ... how can you put it in to words when all of the words contradict each other.

    I disagree with you about Clinton being a great President though. Complacency does not breed a great President. I rank Carter higher than Clinton in my book, because Carter stood for his principles and tried to make a difference. I shudder remembering those days, but I cannot fault Carter for believing in his policies and standing on his given word.
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    My question for kerry:

    What is his aproach to Terrorism, and the long term fight againts it? Does he have a concrete plan to fight Terrorism? All i've heard from him lately is him trying to explain how he did not throw his medals away during Vietnam....and thats it....We know that if he becomes president he won't pull the troops from Iraq...he said it himself...but I'd really wanna know about the future of the war againts Terrorism?

    As for Clinton, I appreciate what he did for the Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo when they were being murdered by the Serbs...preventing a Genocide.

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    I believe Woodrow Wilson was the worst president this country has ever seen. Under his administration he segregated federal employees, personally vetoed a clause in the League of Nations charter calling for racial equality and had more race riots under his administration than any other president.

    In 1918 American troops were sent to Russia under the pretense of reopening the Eastern Front but they spent their time fighting Bolsheviks instead. They remained until June of 1919, long after the end of World War I. This incident, in my opinion, laid the framework for the Cold War.

    After the United States entered World War I it became illegal to speak out against the war under the Espionage Act. People were arrested and imprisoned for their opinions.
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    Man I like stirring up a good convo....

    Amishtechie, Thank you for your contribution, your post is exactly what I had in mind.

    Of course I knew there would be some mud slinging going on in this thread, Bravo! I like a bit of turmoil in my threads. Adds excitement.

    Thank all of you and keep it up, I have really enjoyed the incites <-- as in riot "insights" you have brought to us here. Don't be afraid to post your thoughts... its all good.
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