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Thread: Windows 2000 Pro advice

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    Windows 2000 Pro advice

    Hello I just got myself a Dell Latitude CPx laptop with Windows 2000 Pro for 400euro! Good stuff, it had msblaster which I cleaned but its still a low computer, I was wondering if anybody had any tips in general but mainly speed up tips which would help me out.

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    What speed is the computer? Have you defragged it lately? Have you cleaned out all the Spyware on the computer using something like Spybot Search and Destroy ? You might also want to check for other viruses on the machine with Trend Micro Free Virus Scan. Also get a firewall like Zonealarm and make sure the computer is fully patched and up to date.
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    A quick look at standard equipment for your machine indicates 128M of RAM. If that's so, and assuming you've done all the routine clean up stuff, my experience with W2K is that it is very sensitive to increasing RAM from 128->256. I have run it nicely on PII 333 machines by upping the RAM to 256. You might see if you can get a memory upgrade for a reasonable price.

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    She will fly nicely with 512Mb of RAM. Please do not mess about..............that spec is just about right for Win98.

    Go into your startup and block anything you don't use all the time.....look down the bottom right of your screen (system tray) and realise that anything there is costing you performance.

    good luck

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