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Thread: HAVE to LOGIN to access Internet.

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    Question HAVE to LOGIN to access Internet.

    Here at work, you do NOT have to login with your user name and password to access the Internet. How would I go about changing that? It's not very safe and we have had problems in the past with the Janitororial(sp) crew at night getting online. They even went to "bad" sites. Haha

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    Hrmm... first off, the Windows 98 machines should go. They provide 0 security and don't require authentication. (although you could use Kerberos I suppose).

    You might want to look into an application firewall as that can limit users from where and when they visit. Might also want to implement a policy that limits where people visit (sort of like CyberCop, which checks sites for "bad things" like "nekid body parts").

    Lastly, I'd be complaining to the cleaning crew management and remind them that the computers aren't for their use (or their contract goes). Might also want to limit access for unsecure computers (based on IP) after hours (ie., the firewall won't allow access out).

    Oh.. I just remembered I should have gotten a little more clarification: What kind of user policies/computer policies do you have in place? What kind of network is it? What kind of firewall is in place?
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    caching proxy/firwall that all internet connections go through. this gives you two advantages, saves all sites addresses taht are accessed and allows notonly a username/password for access you can useualy set acess times that people can and cant get online.
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    Start with the simple steps such as
    Policy Implementation
    Responsibility And Jurisdiction
    Data Protection Act compliance
    and other various rules should be enforced.

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    Hi Dis~

    One do you get onto the internet?.....via a server, or just any computer has a dial-up link?

    It does make a difference............and your office cleaners will bring their kids to work?

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    I used a program called PPS-lite to password protect the internet explorer exe file so that "non-approved employees" could not access the net. The lite version is freeware. I got it from, but that doesn't seem to work anymore.

    I know that the password could easily be broken by a determined individual, but no one here in my office could manage that. I also have the machine in direct view of my office during business hours, and no overnight staff or cleaners to worry about.

    It was one of the only free progs that I tried out that was simple enough to install & teach the owner how to run. (Had to be free,we have no IT budget; I have to beg to get new cd-rw's for daily backups. Three of my current five daily cd-rw's are pushing 4 years old)

    I have the .zip file if you would like to try it out. It works fine on our win 98 machine.

    It does say in the readme file that if you are installing on a network with more than 5 computers, to please contact the author at so that they can keep statistics.

    Hope this offers an easy implemented, although very basic, solution.

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    if your problem is from un-authorized people accessing the internet, the simplest method is to have computers that require a logon to function. as MsM said, upgrade your 98 machines to 2k and your problem is solved. along with having a better network. 98 was for home use nt workstation was for network use. You'll have allot more control over a win2k network. stop putzing around
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    If you don't want to upgrade your PC, just set up IE's "parental" controls, which limits the content of the site from none to all. Unless they are smart enough to bring a disk or crack the pass, you should be dandy.

    If they are that smart, they should move from Janitorial to Sanitation. Better benefits.
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