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Thread: HELP !!!!!! highjack - reinstalls at start up

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    Unhappy HELP !!!!!! highjack - reinstalls at start up

    I don't know if any u ppl had this ad ware program but is driving me insane interestitial ad delivery by 180 seach assistant and Pad lookout seach by 180 search assistant i don't know what this 2 programs are but they ad my computer like crazy I tried X cleaner ,cwshedder, spy begone, spy crusher and they all have fail to do the job. I must say money well wasted I also tried using there suppose uninstall software since this is in control setting add and remove programs is call N-case but that just crap software 2 some one plz help me out.

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    If it reinstalls at startup it means it runs at start up...go to start - > run-> Msconfig-> Startup tab and disable verything you dont know or dont need....

    Download ad-aware.....from i believe....

    I got rid of it by uninstalling it from the add-remove programs list...wasnt that hard...Ad-aware will get rid of it most likely....

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    See if this FAQ "I think my computer is infected or hijacked. What should I do?" helps you out and after following it, post a log from HighjackThis.

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    I agree (mostly) with what memory and seqrets have said.. Except for disabling it via msconfig. The reason you shouldn't disable it, is that hijackthis won't show the startup entries that you'll want to get rid of..

    Adaware and Spybot-S&D will get rid of most of the malware but most likely there'll still be parts of it left behind (or other malware). So, running hijackthis will enable us to see those parts.. extract hijackthis to it's own directory (and run it from there) not from some temp directory or from your desktop.. this is important because hijackthis will make backups when you go to have it fix something.. It's best to just post your hijackthis log and let others help you with the log as hijackthis shows not only the bad things, it shows other vital things that you wouldn't want deleted.

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    Except for disabling it via msconfig.
    Correct. MSCONFIG is for diagnostics only. It will bitch and complain at startup if you make changes within the MSCONFIG interface.

    Stick with a good spyware cleaner such as Spybot. The new 1.3 version even has realtime blocking support now.

    Good luck.
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