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Thread: my taskbar was disabled and my reg.edit too

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    my taskbar was disabled and my reg.edit too

    hello everyone,

    I must have made someone mad.
    I have a serious problem., MY TASK MANAGER AND REG. EDIT HAS BEEN DISABLED
    Not a good thing! Im on the xp home edition and cant access the reg. edit to enable my task manager...I HAVE BEEN OWNED IT WOULD SEEM
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated & If you have any further questions i will be happy to answer them.

    Thank you.
    I really do feel right stupid having to ask., But i dont seem to find any info on my own

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    Are you the administrator of the machine or are u on a limited account ? And how do you know it's disabled ? When you press ctrl+shift+Esc...what happens.

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    Just out of curiosity.... is this an "at home" system, or on someone's network? Are you using the user account or admin account?

    There are some kinds of malware that will do as you describe......

    One thing you can do (if this is your own system) is get a known good copy of reg. edit, and run it from disk. Also, running "hijack this" and posting the log here would help us get you on the road to recovery.

    EDIT: lol Memory..great minds think alike, or like minds think great..whatever..anyway, is it the task bar or task manager..two completely different things.

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    It probably is malware - there have been several people with the same problem as you.
    Get some sort of anti-virus software and scan your computer with it. If you cant get your hands on one, scan with housecall-

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    Maybe it's Sasser...i reapired two computers that had sasser, and on both i couldnt open the taskmanager, msconfig, command prompt or regedit, it closes automaticly.

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    you can download a registry editor.there are many free on the can also download an additional task manager , too.but i was wondering if you just want to bypass a security restriction or if there is a problem indeed......anyway try tha sasser removal tool just in case......

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    I have ran into this very situation multiple times, I cant remember what exact virus it is, but its not spyware, its definitely a virus. Dont get me wrong you definitely need to go through and run all the spyware information. There are a lot of docs on this site about removing spyware, as for your virus my number one recommendation is to remove the drive slave it on another computer with uptodate definitions and scan it for viruses.. If you do not have the capapbility to do this then you can boot into safe mode (pressing f8 while the pc is booting) and then run something to the effect of stinger or another free antivirus program
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    Guys thanks for the help., Im the addministrator and its my home computer., I WAS SO tired last night that i could slap myself in the head for not thinking of this earlier., Sorry for the trouble
    2 words......................SYSTEM RESTORE.
    I just restored itback to yesterday and it works fine..
    OH for who asked::When i hit ctrl+alt+delete a pop up box would just appear and say "task manager has been disabled by the administrator.............I downloaded a zip file last night & being tired i didnt realize it was an exe. file ............Real stupid., So i deserve to have to sweat it out for a sec.
    Thanks again for the help people

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