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Thread: Auditing Computer Systems - Books

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    Auditing Computer Systems - Books

    Guys what books do you recommend me to buy which will help me in Auditing computer system (unix, windows 2000/xp)? i have just begun my career in System security, anything for begginers? a step by step guide ? any dvd instructed led book?

    a good book for begginers in system security! please.

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    Dear god thats alotta links! Nice work memory. cancer_66 a great tool for *nix would be nessus.
    I'm sure its in one of those links up there but I gotta name it, nessus is greate. =>
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    And if you want nessus and a good few other auditing tools, download Knoppix STD

    It has a lot of security tools built in and it runs from a cd. You don't have to install it on anything... It can also expose holes that you otherwise wouldn't notice because usually you don't think someone could be just running another OS out of nowhere...

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