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Thread: Worm feeds on Sasser-infected computers

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    The virus author is much likely to think of a different "style" of spreading the worm, if s/he reads this article.
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    Good thing I retained my Win98 OS because it is not vulnerable to those kinds of worms that usually attacks XP

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    Good thing I retained my Win98 OS because it is not vulnerable to those kinds of worms that usually attacks XP
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    I'm glad you think me more work, hence more money . I wish there was more people ignorant about worms....although there's still plenty to go around. I just helped my neighbor clean up her computer....she had 11 different types of viruses, including sasser, soBig, myDoom, netsky and a bunch of other ones...WEEEEEE FUN

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    I don't get it. Didn't sasser also leave a remote shell open to the world? Why exploit something when you can walk right in?
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    Originally posted here by Tedob1
    open it on 1023 and 5554. those are the one thats being searched for
    those are the sasser.e ports
    not seeing much on them.

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    "...the general PC using population who could care less about security and have more of a click-and-go-gimmie-gimmie-gimmie mentality..."

    I have a friend who does not have her own computer yet. She has used PCs of two other people and she said they have at least a dozen icons in the tray. I know people who - even after having been told not to still do - click on the pop-ups to: stop pop-ups(!?!), block spam, update/upgrade security, etc.! And the general population that at least cares some about security is clueless and without common sense!
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