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Thread: Jewish Group Angers Dems Over Cheney Visit

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    Thumbs down Jewish Group Angers Dems Over Cheney Visit

    I grabbed this off of the Fox News web site and I just don't get it!

    The nonpartisan Jewish Federation based in Palm Beach County, Fla., has come under fire from Democrats after it agreed to host a speech by Vice President Dick Cheney on Middle East policy.

    "The Jewish community in its organized fashion should not be engaging with the Bush campaign," said Florida Democratic Rep. Robert Wexler, who called Cheney's upcoming visit a blatant and inappropriate political stunt.

    Republican leaders say they are not using anyone, and sitting vice presidents often give public policy talks to nonpartisan charities.

    Jewish Federation officials say the issue of Israel overshadows political semantics, but have requested that Cheney not distribute campaign materials or bash Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. They add that Kerry is welcome to address the group on the same topic, provided he follows the same rules.
    Since there is unrest in South Africa between blacks and whites, will we hear the Democrats crying out that if John Kerry address the NAACP it will be a "blatant and inappropriate political stunt."
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    The democrats are just crying and bitching pretty much about anything they can....sad to see..but its typical...nothing to worry about, people are used to them already.

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    My guess is they are just whining because they thaught they had the jewish vote wraped up.... my other guess would be that the repubs would bitch just as hard if it where kerry giving the speach
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    Democrats have owned the Jewish vote for decades, but there may
    be trouble in paradise because some jews are realizing that there
    is a lot of anti semitism in certain factions of the democratic party
    (hint; blacks), so some jews may be sending democrats a signal.
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    Everything any politician does is a blatant political stunt. That’s the nature of the animal. But to say, "The Jewish community in its organized fashion should not be engaging with the Bush campaign," now that sound really desperate in its stupidity.
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    Hmm... apparently the Jewish community shouldn't be afforded the right to support the candidate of their choice???

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    no, if you do, according to a base of people, you are an idiot. Freedom of speech, religion, and what ever only apply to thier own selfish agenda, in their minds.

    Jews have had the democratic vote for decades? I apear to have misread politics. I always thought Jews were conservative? I am asking, not being sarcastic, because I am not Jewish.
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