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Thread: PnP Sound Chip problems!!

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    PnP Sound Chip problems!!

    Hi there ppl, i dont have much time for this, cause my friend should be here any minute now, here´s the thing:

    - I installed today, a while ago Windows XP Pro on a PIII 450, 64Ram ( very low, i know, this thing almost know me out with the slowliness <-bad english doh lol ), and the only problem i found is the sound card..that didnt pass the hardware checkup.. but he doesnt have money for another and i cant find any info or XP/NT/2000 drivers for this..i dont even know the manufacter, on the windows hardware tab it only appears PnP Sound Chip...

    Please, if anyone has a solution, drivers!!!! for this, please help me out, its very urgent!

    Thanx, Owmen

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    look mate - no offense but if you don't know who the manufacturer of this sound chip is how do you expect us to know?? A PnP sound chip could be ... well... anything

    You have two options as I see it
    1) open the box and look at the sound chip it should have either a makers mark, model number or a serial number - if you find either of these plug it into google and see what you come up with
    2) get a copy of belarc advisor - that may help you ID the chip without you having to open your box - although if this doesn't give any results you're back to No. 1

    Once you've found the answer by either of the above methods we may be able to point you to some drivers.

    let us know what you get
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    1. Is it a soundcard, or an integrated sound chip on your motherboard. A quick look at the back will tell you............are the sockets on the same row as the printer, serial and game sockets, or are they taking up one of the expansion slots?

    2. That is an oldish machine, the card may not be supported by XP, this is not uncommon with old video, sound cards and modems.

    3. Do you really want to do it? Microsoft says

    So you have the very minimum of RAM and should expect to lose functionality. Adding another resource requirement is not a good idea? Your first priority must be to increase the RAM. As a lot of people have upgraded their RAM there are a lot of second hand 64 and 128 MB strips around.......the software that Zonewalker mentioned (Belarc Advisor) will tell you what sort you is important to use identical specifications.........PC100/PC133 and CL2, 2.5, or 3 (that's the "clock latency") You want at least 128Mb, with 256Mb being a lot better.

    If it were my machine I would load Win98SE or Linux, until I had enough memory to support XP properly. I guess I would go for 98SE if I wanted the machine for gaming.

    What make and model is the computer?..........or is it custom built?


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