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    compiler/command line


    I have a program/load.exe and when i click right on it to View File it looks like P‹MøQÿ@ ‹UøRÿ@ ‹å]ÃX And and so on. what i want to do is change is back in to command lines. How can this be done is what im asking.

    thank this will give me a better understanding on proraming

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    So what you're trying to say is you want to take an executable file and view the source code? If this is the case, you're out of luck. Unless you have a deep understanding in assembly language. Because the only way I know about to view the code of an executable is to disassemble it. Unless you are a seasoned assembly programmer it will look like garbage.

    If it interests you, you could check out Resource Hacker, a program to extract resources in Windows executables and .res files. There's no source code involved, though.

    Maybe someone will provide some more useful information. This is all I have to offer.


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    the words used in code tell the compiler what you want the executable to do. the compiler makes it according to your specifications. the code is the specification resulting in machine code as you discribed it to the compiler as the output. the code is not in the output. you discribe a suit you want to a tailor. s/he makes it to your specification and your pleased. you'll find what you discribed but not the discription.

    there are devices that are designed to reverse compile a binary. it examines the machine code and guesses at what the code was that created it. but as code has become more protected de-compilers are becoming more and more obsolete. there are still a few good one around and the better ones are not free.

    good luck proraming! :-)
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    Do you know what code the program was loaded in?

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