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Thread: Slackware... What's so great about it?

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    Originally posted here by D0pp139an93r
    Linux itself is text based. It's Gnome, KDE, Blackbox, whatever that give it a GUI. (Of course Xfree86 usually helps...)
    We're talking about installations here though - KDE, Gnome and Blackbox have nothing to do with that. It's things like anaconda and YaST 2 (which I'm sure Gore will be happy to tell you all about) that provide the installation GUI. Slackware 9.1 even comes with KDE 3.x and installed it perfectly on my machine, so you can use it with X.
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    Slackware really isn't that hard to install. With two weeks linux experience under my belt I installed Slackware with no problems at all. Configuring Slackware to do what I wanted was pretty difficult but it was a learning experience.
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    Before I get started, I have to get this off my chest... Spyder32... RH? EWWWW... Worst Linux distrobution ever. Nothing good has come from RedHat since 7.3.. I hear good things about RHEL, however RH8 and 9 were horrid operating systems, Windows was more reliable.
    I'm sensing you had some bad experiences with RH8 and 9. I used RH9 for almost a year, and I found it very reliable. I used it as a web, ftp, and ssh server. only time it crashed was during power outages. I guess it depends on your hardware or something. I found slack to be really hard to get X working on. Of course I'm not one for documentation. I tried taking my XF86Config file from redhat and using it, but it was a no go. then i noticed some differences in the default conf provided on slack. Made some slight changes to the redhat one and i was up and running. I really don't find it that different so far for what I do. I know that for getting apache, php, and mysql up and running, it was not as easy as redhat for me. I tried once on my own and failed. Then I reinstalled and had those things install with the OS. even then I had to make all sorts of changes. I finally have slack running pretty nicely, but I kind of miss Redhat. One of the reasons I got rid of it was because i never updated it, and it was just old and probably vulnerable. If you ask me, anyone can use redhat, suse, and mandrake. I have installed all of those with no problems and I didn't have to touch any X configurations. That was really the only difference for me with slack. I have never messed with X config, so that was a bit of a challenge for me, but I finally got it. I pretty much like any linux distro I can install though.

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    Before I get started, I have to get this off my chest... Spyder32... RH? EWWWW... Worst Linux distrobution ever. Nothing good has come from RedHat since 7.3.. I hear good things about RHEL, however RH8 and 9 were horrid operating systems, Windows was more reliable.
    I don't disagree with you with most things... however, I'll have to disagree with you on this.

    I've been using RH for a while now and I really like RH. I know lots of people in the linux community hate RH now... but I still like them. I've had absolutely no problems with RH. Especially version 9. I'm using fedora too... and I have no problems with that. I've run it for several months without problems... an occasional reboot for a kernel upgrade. I can't say that for XP (or any version of Windows for that matter). (This is all personal experience.) And.. no, I'm not trying to turn this into a flame war.

    I also really like the SuSE distro. Nice defualt interface and the YaST control panel is very nice.
    But I like RH a bit better because thats what I learned linux on.

    Guess it all depends on what you want to do with it. What do you want to learn?

    I found RH to be very easy to learn. (along with the linux doc project and a couple of books)
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    Hey Hey,

    Allow me to clarify my post a little. RedHat used to be my favourite linux distro, then at version 8, I tested it and MDK's latest release and found MDK to be a lot better, so I made the switch. As I surf the net these days and see RPMs half the time they have side notes "these may not work on RH 8". This causes me to see the OS as a POS. Next came RH 9.... we support RH 9 at the college because the programmers use it for C++. By default it doesn't recognize /dev/cd-rom as a valid device (at least not with Dell Systems). I have huge problems with the removed MP3 support. It lacks driver support for Dell Laptops (huge problem whtn this is your only PC and you're required to use it for class). The programming profs dislike teaching on it but use it because it's as close as you can get to an "industry standard" distrobution. The programmers do their c++ dev. in closed source software, which doesn't properly install in RH9. I can't remember how many days it took for them to get the software working, however once they did, they imaged it because they haven't succeeded in installing it again. Again these are all personal experiences, but combine that with hearsay and I've got a real hatred for RedHat.


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    I haven't really used RH 8 or 9 a whole lot to be able to tell you how I feel about it, but I have been using Red Hat 3.0 Enterprise Edition, and it has been very stable for us.

    Still have yet to have a crash with it, and its ben up for 4 months so far.

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    After playing with RH (linuxconf was my guide)
    SuSE (yast all the way and so bloated) and Mandrake (yep)

    Slackware was a whole other thing..
    It learned me patience, reading before typing (or pressing [Enter] for that matter) and loads more..
    It's nice and small, easy to install and administrate..
    And swaret takes a lot of the update chores out of your hands (if you want it to)

    So all in all I think it's just my kind of linux distro

    Also I agree with .: Shrekkie :. on this one..
    Find out which distro you like and use it.. Don't start any my distro is bigger then yours wars.. there are religious zeelous madmen enough in this world..
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    Well my personal favourite is Debian, I love it a lot

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