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Thread: who knows integrating flash 5 to vb6

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    who knows integrating flash 5 to vb6

    hellow again,

    need your tiny little on the matter. who knows how to integrate flash 5 to visual basic 6. all i know was dropping a shockwave object to a form but the flash movie does not move. what actually happened was that, the embedded flash movie object just looks like a picture that doesn't move. but i haven't venture more yet on how to make flash movie move on a VB form.
    thanks for the replies..


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    Ok, well i just played around with the shockwave object (version 7). i have a movie entitled "import_video.swf" in the movie field. This came as a sample with flash MX. Here's what i've figured out.

    There are different types of "flash movies" (yeah a big surprise right? *sarcasm*). I have some that are interactive with the user (such as a game) and running flash1.stop or flash1.playing=false doesn't work. But i have some that are just movies (like import_video.swf). I am able to stop the movie by either executing flash1.stop or flash1.playing=false. Of course i can also start it up again by executing or flash1.playing=true.

    BTW: checking macromedia's site is just useless as far as i have seen. Or maybe it's just me.

    but i did find some other commands like tplay that i don't really know how they work. I'll have to experiment more. But its 4am right now, so i'll just leave it at that
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