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Thread: pass word require while p2p network of winxp and win2k

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    pass word require while p2p network of winxp and win2k

    using p-2-p network, when i want to access other computer a dialog box prompts me to enter username and password to access that computer, how i can stop it.
    any free utility for peer-2-peer network?

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    I guess you are speaking about NetBios access of other computers (which is the system used by Windows to share files and folders).
    I must inform you that NetBios is not a p2p system.
    So, if users don't want to let you access their folder by locking them with passwords, simply ask them (gently) to let you access them if you have a good reason to do it.

    edit: if you really want to try a p2p filesharing tool. Look at
    But, please, read well the manual. I think you need some clarification about what p2p is.
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    Like KissCool, I am not quite certain of what you are referring to, but if I have a machine connected to the net, with access allowed to other machines, I would probably need to restrict access for bandwidth reasons, and to keep bots out?

    Quite a few ISPs etc. allow you so much bandwidth per time period, or they start charging excess usage penalties.

    There are so many "scanning" malwares these days, I am afraid that it is a fact of life?

    just a thought

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    There is no other user, I am doing itself, I have made no restriction at all, however I check it again.

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    How do you try to access the other computer?
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