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Thread: CPU overheating issue

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    CPU overheating issue

    I bought a pretty decent setup, but it is not doing me any good as long as I have this pesky heat problem.

    I have a P4 3 GHz with 512 400 MHz memory, 400w power supply, and the default heatsink and fan for the CPU. The case has front and back fans, and I removed some of the add-on cards I do not use.

    However, it is still running at a whopping 70~75c!!! I have never seen a P4 run this hot. What else could be causing it?


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    1. Is it a brand name/store bought?.............what name..........their problem.

    2. Did you build it?............have it built.........your problem?

    3. Silver thermal is a part of it

    4. A brand new cooler, or a transferred one?

    just some thoughts

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    It is an ABIT IC-7 G, and I built it myself. I could not tranfer my old heatsinks to this setup because it was designed for an Athlon XP.

    The heatsink/fan and thermal goop is all standard that came with the CPU. I replaced the power supply to 400w and is still running that hot.

    Lastly, I am seeing if the video card could be causing the issue, but I doubt it is that. However, we all know it's the stupid things that cause problems.

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    maybe a silly question, but what is the temperature in your surrounding??? my computer gets very hot in the summer, since it can not get enough fresh (cool) air.
    i'm also running on a 3ghz cpu...

    you could also try another cpu, it is possible that the cpu is broken and gets to hot, i've seen it a couple of times now, although intel cpu's are more stabel then AMD's..

    otherwise try a better cooler, the boxed fan's are barely enough to cool the cpu if your running heavy programs...

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    dearjack , make sure the flow is good .

    suck in air --> fan front --> cpu --> fan rear --> --> blow it out

    Also make sure your cpufan reacts good and is controlled well by the mobo.

    I use this setup with my Athlon XP 3000+ and mine whoes at +/- 35 Degrees Celsius. I do have 5 fans tho.
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    Hey once my RAM caused my CPU to get that Hot . I tried everything in the world (installed a extra fan, heat sink) but it still got hot .and i was getting really mad.. Somehow i just thought why not try to remove the RAM and see if it works and it worked .actuaslly one of my RAM sticks had some problem that was causing to get HOT. i just removed one of my RAM stick and replace it and everything was normal...Just a thought ... . Just try it maybe who knows .......

    --Good Luck--

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    My Win98 box (I built it) had cooling and heating issue's at first as well, but once I added an extra fan and I took off added/not needed set's to the box, thing's were pretty good. Also, lepricaun had a point because of the summer time thing, I keep my A/C on in my room ALL DAY to keep things cool and it has done wonder's for my box. Considering the fact I like it cool while I'm online it work's greatly for the heating/cooling of a machine.
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    Okay... I found the problem, but I have not been able to confirm it... perhaps one of you guys can find out.

    I heard the Prescott core is known to overheat.

    It is:

    Back when Prescott was nothing more than a curious block on Intel’s roadmap, we assumed that history would repeat itself: Intel would move to a smaller, 90nm process, double the cache and increase clock speeds. Intel has always historically behaved this way, they did so with the Pentium III and its iterations, and they did so with the first revisions of the Pentium 4. What we got with Prescott was much more than we bargained for.

    Intel did move to a 90nm process, but at the same time didn’t produce a vastly cooler chip. Intel did double the cache, but also increased access latencies – a side effect we did not have with Northwood. Intel also moved to Prescott in order to increase clock speeds, however none of those speeds are available at launch (we’re still no faster than Northwood at 3.2GHz) and Intel did so at the expense of lengthening the pipeline; the Prescott’s basic Integer pipeline is now 31 stages long, up from the already lengthy 20 stages of Northwood. With Prescott, many more changes were made under the hood, including new instructions, some technology borrowed from the Pentium M and a number of algorithmic changes that affect how the CPU works internally.

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    heh, Moxnix, I should have done my homework before buying. According to, the Barton and Prescott cores run the hottest by far and own both! Now, I will spend the extra money and get something known to run a tad cooler with more fans and better heatsink/fan combo with decent thermal goo.

    I am tired of running hot and having apps crash and freeze on me all the time.

    Now I get the Dumbass Of The Year award.

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    I read an artical (with pics) about this guy who built his computer in a small apartment style refirgerator to keep it cool.
    Sounds like you need something like that. Keep your processoer cool and your beer at the same time.
    I have learned what to look out for when I start building my box. Never even knew about Barton and Prescott cores running hot. In fact, now I have a bunch of new reading to do.

    But the dumbass award still goes to Zerocool for not puting the spacers in when mounting his motherboard. (and I am not ever going to let him forget
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