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Thread: tcp/ip error

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    Exclamation tcp/ip error

    I am getting a tcp/ip error when connecting to my dsl. I am using win ME. I called up my ISP and they referred my to microsoft. I dont want to call microsoft because it is not toll free. What does tcp/ip error mean?

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    Which specific TCP/IP error are you getting?
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    Well ... A bit more info on what kind of TCP/IP error you get would be helpfull as there are numerous possibilities.

    Perhaps your TCP/IP stack is corrupt and you need to reinstall it.

    Judging the answer of your ISP it's probably in that direction.
    So in order to help you any further you have to give us a bit more details.

    Or you can type in your error in a search engine like Google .
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    how do i reinstall tcp/ip?

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