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Thread: mySQL Multiple applications

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    mySQL Multiple applications

    Ok dont have much experience with mySQL although I use SQL quite alot at work.

    Know as far as I can gather the basic breakdown is that you ahve a database - the database contains tables - the tables contain fields (each with a unique name)

    now a database can contain multiple tables for many different applications to access and store data - can the same be done with mySQL?

    like on my site I have a blog and a user gallery each using seperate mySQL databases but could i combine them into one database and just use seperate tables?


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    Yes. You can have multiple tables the same database for different apps to use. Just make sure they don't use the same names, or you could have some problems.

    Only problem with having muliple apps using the same database is that they all use the same user and password as well. If you are only using this for yourself, this is not a big deal, but if you want give someone else mySQL access, you would end up sharing the same login info.
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