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Thread: dsl control over phone line

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    dsl control over phone line

    I was wondering is there anyway to knock out the phone line in my house using the dsl connection from my home network. Not attack anyone outside just interupt service inside my house without affecting outside my house. you know like knock out a phone call.

    just curious

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    I'm just curious as to why you would want to do that? Do you have a little sibling rivalry going on or what?

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    To my understanding, the DSL signal runs on top of the analog telephone signal. You would have some kind of splitter on the phone line to separate out the two different styles of signals, without intercepting with the other.
    The only way (to my knowledge) to interfere with the analogue signal would be to destroy this box. Of course you would also destroy your DSL capabilities also.
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    The only way (to my knowledge) to interfere with the analogue signal would be to destroy this box
    you could also set off an EMP - one of the 'easiest' ways to do this would be set off a small nuke a couple of miles up into the atmosphere - may not be the most advisable thing to do though
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