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Thread: How do I install two Windows in one system?

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    Post How do I install two Windows in one system?

    I am new to this and I don't know where to start. For example, if I want to install two copies of Windows XP on the same system, how can I do it? How do I switch between the two OS? Thanks.

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    Falcon I don't think you will be able to install two copies of the same OS on a system.On one hard Drive it's not possible without the use of Vmware or other enumarators (ok i splled it wrong ) What you can have is Different versons of OS on the same System(eg. Windows98 and Windows Xp and so on Diffrent combination are possible ). But Same One i am not sure it will overwite the previous installation.

    While making a disk Multiboot start with installing either Windows 95 or Windows 98 -->Windows NT-->Windows 2000-->Windows XP and follow the way up.


    Intalling the same OS on the Same computer is posisible but with two Hard Disks (or i am missing a few things) but is not a very Viable option. I don't know why anybody want to do it. I did it . once for a friend , what i did was first attach one hard Drive Installed Windows 2000 on it. THen Detach it and Plug in the Other Hard Drive and Installed the same OS on it . The plan wasen't to have both hard Drives on the same Computer but one of them was to be put on other Computer (with Same Configeration of Course).I attached both of them . As Nihil Said you will have to go into your BIOS Setup Every time to Select the Hard Drive you want to Boot From .

    _-Good Luck--

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    why 2 xp's?

    you need to partition the drive and install the os's on seperate partitions, you then need a bootloader to select which one to boot into

    you can reboot and pick the os of your choice or you could run a virtual machine on your computer to use both systems at the same time..(bochs, plex86 or VMware)

    bit off topic but does anyone have a tutoral for plex86? all the ones ive found have been pretty crappy...


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    A very crude solution is to have two HDDs and go into "setup" to determine which one you boot to..........I have something called "disk manager" or is old, but let you set up different partitions so you could boot to whatever you sort of "hid" the OSes from eachother..............I am sure there is third party software that will do it for you.


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