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Thread: Importing in Access

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    Importing in Access

    Ok I have a series of txt files which were exported from access using fixed width. I want to import these txt files back into access so they are easily queryable.

    I know when exporting you can set up specs so they all remain the same - is there any way of doing this for imports?

    if you imagine you have

    customer name - character spaces 25
    product - character spaces 50
    price - character spaces 10

    and so on - i want to be able to load these files as a batch keeping each item in the correct column - can it be done without manually importing each file and setting the column breaks?


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    Hi Val,

    Have you tried an update query?


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    nihil thanks for the suggestion but got it sussed
    just set the import specs (width per column etc) and then created a macro to import the files rather than having to do it individually

    thanks tho


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