Alright, earlier today my little network couldn't connect to the internet, I knew that it was the router, so I did a quick reset, didn't work. So I pulled the plug for 15 seconds and I also reset my cable modem. That worked. I had to re setup my router, This has happened a few times in the past and is getting pretty stupid. My routers documentation says that heavy downloading, surfing, etc can jam up the router and to give a quick reset. that would keep my settings, but that doesn't work. The logs that the router keeps are lost when i pull the plug, so i can't check the logs to see if someone is messing with us. My roomate is a filesharer which connects to hubs, and ip addresses are visible. I was thinking that someone in one of these hubs is messing with us? or should I smash my router with a brick and get a new one?
Thanks for any help, you guys rock!