Hello. Just found this site (would have helped if I had known it was here a few months ago ) Anyway, I've been fighting adware/spyware/malware for a while. Recently I got a new small popup window (dsl always on connection running xp through a netgear gateway/firewall and McAfee firewall software) trying to get me to follow a link for... you guessed it... software to prevent popups, adware... (at least they have a sense of humor).

The link leads to a likesurfing.com site that I have included in my HOSTS file. I think I have isolated this to an app called msses.exe. I have deleted it from the system32 folder and from the windows\prefetch folder. I have searched for it in the registry and found one key (that I didn't note the name of ) which I deleted. I thought I had removed it at first... it stayed away for several hours, but it comes back. I can delete it again, and it will go away for 5 - 6 hours, but keeps coming back... right back in the windows\system32 folder and the window\prefetch folder.

Anyone heard of this thing or have any ideas how I can prevent it from continuing to load? I can't find any reference to it on the web. None of my spy/adware anti-hijack software even picks up that anything has happened... so it makes me think something else is in the registry that I can't find.