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Thread: The History of AntiOnline in the Security Scene

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    The History of AntiOnline in the Security Scene

    Greetings All:

    I'm in the process of updating my personal webpage on AntiOnline.

    I have literally gigs and gigs of "stuff" from the past 10 years (wow, can you believe AntiOnline's been around for THAT LONG. I'm getting old), and thought it would be fun to start digging through it all and share some of the interesting things that I find with the site's users.

    For starters, I have up pictures of what the AntiOnline offices looked like before it was acquired by Jupiter Media little over a year ago. I also have up a look at some of the previous logos that the site used through the years (be kind, I made some of them when I was about 15 years old, and it shows!).

    It's a fun look back.

    I've just barely started to go through things and organize them. Old security files, tutorials, editorials, stories, pictures, e-mails, and the ever so popular "Weekly Mailbag" archive that I still have.

    I'll be going through it all and will add new sections to my personal page as I find enough "in common data" for new sections.

    Considering that I've been following the world of hackers for over a decade now (soooooooooo getting old), I also have literally HUNDREDS of gigs of stuff about various hacks, hackgroups, and hackers that have appeared through the years. Remember Materva's Hideout? After I'm done with all of the AntiOnline stuff, I might start seeing about getting some of that old stuff together to post online somewhere as well.

    You can take a look at what's up so far at:

    I'll keep you all informed of updates to it as they're made.

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    Your old offices look alot like my living room...

    I love seeing the history there... Good job on the new site too.
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    Sounds good to me. I remember looking forward to your mailbag and the eye on the underground. You had a lot of "friends" including Attrition, HappyHacker and a slew of defacers that wanted no less than to see you die. The Keebler Elves come to mind... that's where I get the term "Jay Pee" from the defacements. haha, also, you had a defacement archive as well, and would love to see that for nostaligic value. I do not know the total amount of hacks you did have, but from the many millions of attempts, I remember only two... the one from AntiCode and the main page. Were the defacements both CGI vunleralbilities?

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    Do you have any pics of that "in jail" charity drive? I never did quite figure out what that was about at the time, lol.

    Anyways, nice offices. I remember the Garfield, and how people wanted to pop it. I think only 1 member showed up for that event? Fun times, although I was thousands of miles away from it all...

    I'll be sure to check for more stuff some time. AO was pretty fun back in the day, and not all too bad now...


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    Ahh, so you've got some free time on your hands, eh JP?

    It'll be interesting to look at though. Thanks.
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    Out of curiousity where are the offices for AntiOnline located now?

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    Wherever they are...

    Lets hope they can afford better than converted bike seat chairs!

    A chiropractor's dream.. hehe

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    I think they're in Boston...

    I don't remember how I figured this out...

    It was probably during my drinking days...
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    Pretty cool stuff you got uploaded so far JP..
    Always wanted to know what the AntiOnline Office looked like.
    Seeing as i have heard all this stuff about the Office's i now got to see them WOOTT

    Anyhow looking forward to seeing and reading all the information that you post up there.
    And it's nice to see JupMedia allowing you to upload more onto your Personal Page Woott woott


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    Nice to see some older info. Here is a humor tid bit for you. I still have a paypal account I registered using the Thanks for the stuff, and it is good to see JupM allowing the founder some space and bandwidth.
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