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Thread: More divisions in forums

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    More divisions in forums

    just a thought,I noticed that a lot of threads get posted with their title's as 'Help me!!!' and the such like making it difficult to guess the content,all you get is a general direction that its related to a such and so topic..Couldnt all the threads just be sorted into more specific topics enabling users to search less and findmore relevant material?The newbie forum could be divided into subdivisions like Getting started,basic commands,needed programs and stuff like that?

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    The moderators have problems enough now moving threads into the correct forums - think how much more difficult it would be if each forum had you really think people would bother making sure that their post was in the correct catagory in the correct sub-forum of the correct forum? esp when some people can't be bothered ensuring their post is even in the right forum!!

    The only place where I think something like this could be usefull is the tutorials forum but instead of dividing the forum up perhaps some sort of reference markers - like checkboxes a user can tick to let others know what their tutorial is about.

    Say you had boxes for :::

    Operating system
    Tutorial Type (programming, software, configuration, etc)
    Level (newbie, intermediate, advanced)

    then when people are searching they could select some of the boxes as well in order to narrow their search - or at the top of the forum you could select from the boxes to only display threads relevant to what your looking for.


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    I gotta agree with you Val, it would be a real waste of time and space for this to be implemented.
    I mean there's enough Catorgories now, and it's not hard to work out what should be put into what.
    Why make things more Difficult then they should be?


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    Couldnt the mods then not allow posts with titles like I mentioned?It'll keep a lot of the information searched for to relevant searches

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    the mods normally do change the titles to something more descriptive if they spot them


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