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Thread: Mslaugh - Teekids

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    Mslaugh - Teekids

    Hi guys

    I been looking the processes on my laptop and i found teekids.exe and mslaugh.exe running. Any idea what they are?



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    Sounds like you are infected with both Blaster and lovesan worms. Take a visit to and get an online scan done (use IE for it).
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    You will also need to patch your system.. A removal tool is available from trend as well as symantec ( ) .. after it is run you will need to d/l a Group of patches from microsoft.. (just read the info for MSBLAST and SASSER worms) should be 4 patches you Urgently need to install.. you may need to d/l these patches using a clean/patched machine or a win98 box. ..

    BTW: MSBlast and lovesan are different names for the same worm, teekids and mslaugh are different versions of the same worm..
    GenericAssassin .. with two you probably have more.. (that is the trend that I have found usually 3 but have had 6 versions on one machine)


    There are some info in the Antivirus Forum on this subject.. have a read there as well!
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