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Thread: Fomratting PC

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    Fomratting PC

    This may seem like a really newbie question (cause it is) but am looking to formatt HD on PC running WinXP Pro

    now I dont have alot of experience in XP - used to win98se and from it i could just restart in ms-dos and do it form there

    now i know XP aint based on dos so how do I go about it?


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    A DOS (Win98) boot disk with fdisk and format on it....
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    if u want to reinstall XP you can use the bootdisk....

    get the windows xp bootable disk.. and boot using it....
    there it would show u all the windows installations... and ask u if u need a feash install or repair... select the fresh install would then gice u all the can fomat frm either of the two FAT or NTFS modes...and if u continue further.. u can install afresh....
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    I would use the win98 startup disk too.

    get it here :

    - start from diskette
    - a:\>c:
    - c:\>fdisk

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    If it is a second disk that you want to format just go to the my computer icon right click and pick manage from the menu. You should have a MMC console that opens with three sub sections. If you expand the second one you the disk management tool. After that it is the same as windisk under NT.
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    You can do all things said before by others.

    Or you can use Partition Magic from powerquest/symantec.

    Also on the site the explantion (in short) of how to use it.

    With these disks (you got to make these bootdisks through the program) you can boot and immediately change/make partitions and format them in the desired format ...even for linux .

    Very interesting product ...maybe most of you allready know it.
    Though I thought I should mention it.

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    I agree with all the above methods.

    Use a Win98 Bootdisk and FDISK the Drive.
    Boot off the WinXP CD and Delete and Reformat The Partition
    Use Partition Magic
    Use a Linux CD most have DiskDruid or another utility.

    I personally download BCWipe from and extract the BCWipePD utility and copy it to a Win98 Bootdisk and perform a 1x (or more) overwrite of the hard drive.

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    well am back on good old win98se - thanks guys


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    Windows 98 BootDisk with Cd-Rom Support and Partition Magic Combo will be forever the best!!
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    Originally posted here by valhallen
    well am back on good old win98se - thanks guys

    eh, I just use Linux... I wouldn't mind trying out that Plan 9.

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