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Thread: Rise in port 5000 probes are caused by 2 new worms

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    Rise in port 5000 probes are caused by 2 new worms

    Everybody is seeing a rise in port 5000 probes. These are not caused by the (very old) Sockets de Troie trojan.

    It's probably caused by 2 new worms; Bobax and Kibuv.

    Bobax uses a probe on port 5000 to identify windows XP and Kibuv tries to exploit the very first vulnerability found on XP (UPnP bug).


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    As well as a good firewall ruleset will help out.

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    a long long time ago firewall logs actually ment something... now I just get 2000 connection attempts/hour on port x because there's yet another worm again

    todays top 5 (for me):
    1) 6112
    2) 5000
    3) 445 135 (shared)
    4) 9898
    5) 5554

    edit: so those are attempted incomming connections to those ports, all TCP
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